Erectile Dysfunction Shockwave Therapy

Erectile dysfunction can harm your relationship, kill your confidence, and leave you feeling anxious and depressed. If you suffer from ED, you may think that expensive prescription medication is the only solution, but those drugs can drain your wallet pretty quickly. Even worse, prescription ED medications can trigger harmful side effects in many men, leaving them worse off than before.

If you want to treat your ED naturally and enjoy a rich and fulfilling romantic life once again, wave therapy could be the solution you have been looking for! Erectile dysfunction shockwave therapy is a true breakthrough in men’s health, and My Men’s Clinic has helped countless men with their ED issues. When you check out wave therapy for yourself, your partner will thank you! Book an appointment today!

What is Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy?

In our evaluation, we will determine if you are a good candidate for this unique form of ED treatment. Unlike prescription medications, wave therapy uses extracorporeal shock wave therapy to treat ED naturally and without drugs.

Shockwave therapy is actually a series of treatments, and it can be remarkably effective at treating ED. This gentle form of ED treatment involves the application of a special low energy acoustic wave, giving this unique form of therapy its name.

How Does Wave Therapy Work?

During wave treatment, these wave pulses are applied directly to the penis. This gentle application helps to improve blood flow to the area, reversing the effects of erectile dysfunction and helping men achieve and sustain an erection.

Instead of using potentially dangerous prescription medications like Viagra and Cialis, extracorporeal shock wave therapy treats ED naturally, applying gentle sound waves directly to the impacted area and restoring sexual function in a painless fashion, one with no side effect of healing time.

The pulsating waves of shockwave therapy help trigger a natural healing response from your body, restoring sexual function, reversing the embarrassing and debilitating effects of ED and giving you your life back. The magic happens when the shockwave therapy wakes up those dormant stem cells, along with the growth factors in your penis.

As these growth factors are released and the stem cells start to do their work, new blood vessels are formed, stimulating blood flow to the penis and treating ED in a totally natural and painless way. This gentle rejuvenation of erectile tissue is what shockwave therapy is all about, and why this breakthrough treatment has proven so effective.

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy may involve a series of applications, each targeting a different part of the penis. As each new application proceeds, additional blood vessels begin to grow, triggered by the rejuvenation of dormant stem cells and the added blood flow to the area.

By treating every part of the impacted area, shockwave therapy is often able to restore men to their previous level of sexual function, reversing the stubborn symptoms of ED and giving men their romantic lives back. By the end of treatment, many men who didn’t have success with other treatments are able to obtain and maintain stronger, more sustainable and more satisfying erections, so they can reconnect with their partners and enjoy their time in the bedroom.

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If you have resigned yourself to a life of erectile dysfunction and sexual disappointment, it is time to change course. You do not have to live with ED one day longer, not when there is a breakthrough treatment available at your men’s health clinic. ED is a common condition, but that does not mean you have to suffer in silence. Contact My Men’s Clinic to get help!

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